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Payroll services in Canada

When you hire an expert for payroll for your business, experts with professional training handle the entire process, giving you back time to focus on your business operations. These professionals serve as an extension of your payroll once you’ve established it.

Payroll has a variety of effects on your business operations, including cash flows, employee productivity, and business expansion. We are aware that managing a business takes a lot of work. It might be overwhelming to maintain a record of the payrolls and if or not they are disbursed on time while running your business. In response, we are here. We make sure the salaries and payments are disbursed on-time for your firm, thus maintaining your reputation amongst the employees.

Why hire an expert?

Processing payroll takes time because calculations need to be checked and reviewed multiple times to ensure there are no mistakes. Additionally, all deductions and withholdings must abide with federal and provincial tax laws.

The ongoing changes in the rules of payroll often pose as challenges for an employer and makes it difficult for them to keep up with the latest legislation. Instead of being focused on the upcoming legislations in the payroll landscape and then implementing them in your system, you could rather use that time to pursue untapped revenue making opportunities.

Why us?

At Toronto Tax Boutique, we help you streamline the whole process and free up your valuable time so that you stop spending time on managing your payroll and accounting and use those precious hours to generate sales and make more money.

Further, we make sure that the salaries and payments are accurate and disbursed in a timely manner.

Our services under Payroll management:

Our payroll services include the following tasks (but not limited to):

  • Assisting businesses understand the payment cycle of employees, considering sickness, vacation and maternal leaves, and severance
  • Preparing reports that are accurate and ensuring they are available on-time for the employers
  • Preparation of T4 and year-end filings
  • Providing tailormade payroll services, from hiring new employees to bonus payments

Making sure your business does not have any outstanding fines and penalties

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