Corporate Tax Planning and Some Useful Tips

Tax planning explained

Tax planning is the process of minimizing your tax liabilities in order to minimize your overall tax burden. Through the use of tax exemptions, deductions, and credits, a tax professional can assist you in navigating the complexities of tax legislations and assessments in order to reduce your tax liability.

A sneak peek into reality

The world of taxes can get daunting at times. As a business owner, incorporating your business is one of the first steps to manage your taxes. However, that first step could be a massive failure if you miss out on some important strategic aspects like – Tax Planning.

No matter which industry you are from, you need a clear vision of taxation to run your business seamlessly. Moreover, the tax season is round the corner; this makes it a highly crucial time for business owners to plan their taxes.

Our recommendations

Depending on the industry of the business, tax planning strategies might vary.

“Tax planning is key for a successful venture. Further, a business owner cannot afford to miss tax planning under these five major events”

  • Withdrawals (Trade-off between Salaries v. Dividends)
  • Using personal vehicle for work
  • Home office expenses
  • Claiming depreciation (CCA) under fixed assets
  • Claiming Input Tax Credits (ITCs) on HST return

– Manav Kalra, Director at Toronto Tax Boutique

Your next steps

Pay yourself out of your business. Use a vehicle for work. Setup a home office. These are just a few of the things that can be incorporated into a tax plan to optimize the way you pay taxes on your business.

“It always pays to have a tax plan.”          

– Karishma Kalra, Director at Toronto Tax Boutique

Get in touch with us today to help you devise a customised plan for your business. Based on the way you carry your business operations; our tax experts are experienced to handle any tax scenario you may be facing.


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